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Welcome Gorgeous!!!


Are you ready to turn your passion and hustle into profits? I hope you just gave me a huge YESSSS!


And if you did, you've made it to the right place. 


I'm excited to see you go bigger, create massive impact and turn that passion and hustle of yours into freedom, impact and cash.

I am Pachi, a business and strategy coach for multi-passionate and high-achieving women who are ready to turn their passion and hustle into profits. I specialize in helping you grow their passion-driven business thru killer offerings and programs that convert audiences into paying clients, with fun and ease. 

I've created this community for women who are ready to move forward with their calling, because you know that you're in this planet for big things.


In this group, you'll be able to share your weekly and monthly goals as well as your services with our tribe, and build relationships, because that's the easiest way to get support and clients! 

By joining The Freedom-Driven Accountability Group, you are agreeing to:

  • Support the other ladies on their journey. Research shows that positive social media community support can instrumental in achieving goals.

  • Play nice by refraining from using profanity, spamming or attacking other group members.

  • Avoid ONLY sharing self-promotion... because that's not the way to get clients online, anyways. This isn't about selling your products and services and then running away. (example: 3 I recommend to build relationships, comment on other people's posts and add value at least 3x more than you sale post, then feel free to make an offer)

  • Participate! Be sure to jump in and get the most out of the experience.



Click the button below to go directly to the Facebook group. 

Please allow up to 48 hours to be added to the group by the admins. If you aren't added after 48 hours, please send an email to


I Filled Up My Program Within Weeks

Testimonios Clientes

I was ready to start, but I didn't know where to begin. I was feeling scared, intimidated and like I couldn't gain the clarity on exactly was I supposed to do, despite praying about it. I was excited, yet apprehensive. Standing on the edge, ready to jump!


 Pachi has a beautiful heart and is helping others, like myself, have the courage to move forward and live our dreams. She has a gift in helping others see their potential and gift, then empowering them to change the world. 

I launched and filled up my coaching program in less than 90 days of working with Pachi. My dreams of working with a few ideal clients, while being a full time mom became my reality. 


Military Wife, Mom and Fitness Coach

© 2016 Pachi McLeod International LLC

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