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Selling is the art of moving your tribe from stranger to a client!

Here's why Anna Rocks!

Anna is a business coach for heart-centered women entrepreneurs who have a bigger why. Anna's clients want to make impact and money. Anna is a wife, momma, former therapist and tea lover! Anna has one of my favorite approach to building a powerful Facebook and online community and making money, while giving back!



Alright! Was that amazing or what!? I've created these questions to help you dig a little deeper and get grounded, so you can turn all these aha moments and tips into the actionable steps that will lead to you reaching your goals.

Like Anna and I, you can start building a community of people that you absolutely love and allow you to get clients, consistently.

1. What's your vision for your Facebook group community?

2. What would being a good host of your Facebook group mean for you and your potential clients at this stage of your business?

3. How are those blocks/struggles currently holding you back from starting, growing or turning this vision/desire of a powerful Facebook community into your reality?

4. How can you increase your quality engagement, so that you can attract more clients? How can you create a safe space that allows you and your people to truly connect?

5. What systems or structure do you need to put into place, so you can be more consistent? 


6. Is your content currently allowing you to show up authentically and with authority? (I truly recommend creating 30 to 90 day content, if you're current working to get booked... so you can show up consistently) 


7. Write out any other ahas, takeaways and at least ONE action step you'll take within the next 24 hours!

Yay! Great work sister.

8. Last step, now, come share with us in the Freedom Driven Entrepreneur Sisterhood your TOP takeaway from today's interview. Remember, this is a coffee date! so we wanna hear from you <3



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