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Are you ready to heal your life (home) and live your true purpose?

  • Do you want to help your kids to THRIVE instead of struggle?

  • Ready to ALIGN with your truest version of purpose and get that message that has been leaping inside you, out into the world... in a bigger way 

  • Ready to create POWERFUL content that touches people to their CHORE and turns more of your ideal clients into PAYING customers who are excited to buy from you, now?

  • Ready to trade overwhelmed and flying by the seat of your pants, for having SO much fun growing your tribe, connecting with them on a deeper level and UNLEASHING your content queen, so you can make money & impact, fast? 

Wahoooo!!! Then, I am so supperrr excited for you.

If you have you been asking yourself, how do I make 2018 my year? What will bring me results? What will attract paying clients? 
What will help me next level this thing?

The answer to ALL of this is ALIGNMENT!

You have to GIVE yourself permission to do/go/share what YOU are feeling CALLED to do right now... THAT thing that is burning inside you, consuming your thoughts and desires...

IMG_3493_edited (1).jpg

It's Time to Align and Get Massive Results!

There comes a time when you have to STOP watching (devouring) what everybody else is putting out (even if they're putting out amazing stuff)...

So YOU can say/share/do/be, what YOU are here for.


About a year ago I hit bottom my business. I was tired, burnt out and feeling like no matter how hard I worked, I couldn't get my business to fully FULLY take off!  

I knew more success was possible for me, but HOW? 

The truth was that I wasn't doing what I was feeling CALLED ...  because you’re distracted with junk like fear of failure... fear of what others would say if they saw you become visible (especially family members, coworkers and other people non related to my business), self doubt... It's like I had myself in a headlock.

Then, something shifted! Even though I was TERRIFIED... I dared to stop. I got real with myself. I stopped looking for validation from people. I give yourself permission to finally do what I really wanted to do, because I realized that’s what I was MEANT to...

Andddd I never looked back!!!

It was like if the floodgates opened! In record time, I fully booked my 1:1 programs, got paid to speak at conferences, sold out my signature program,  the Get Booked Academy in less than a month and growing my impact became fun again.


Yes, money began flowing in, I began to finally have more time to spend more daily quality time with my hubby and son, traveling every month, paying debt, creating more meaningful work and even hiring a team to help me run my biz... All because I wasn’t stuck and overwhelmed.

But the GREATEST result, was that I was confidently doing and growing into what I KNEW I was here to do/be/share, the whole time.


And I am here to show you that YOU can, too!

Oh Yeah, My Clients Get Results!!!

30-Day Private Coaching with Pachi


(what you'll get)...

  • Two 90-minute private intensive session (2 bi-weekly sessions)

  • 30 days of direct access to Pachi via voice and text​

  • Material review + feedback

  • The call recording for each session 

  • Customized implementation and game plan steps

  • Bonus: Access to my signature digital life coaching course "Dare to Live" with the system I use to help my clients heal their lives, get out of their own way and unleash their purpose and calling, while helping their kids to live theirs too!



✔️  Discover your unique emotional profile (and your loved ones), so you can feel empowered to create a life full of fulfillment, love, purpose at home and in your personal life.

✔️  Heal you life and stop waiting for "tomorrow" to Unleash your purpose and calling, because you're ready to claim your power and your true identity as a child of the Most High God, who is here to do BIG things! So you can move forward, doing what you feel called to do NOW.

✔️ Create your own unique game plan that works for you AND your loved ones (so you can feel more successful at home and in your personal life, too!) 

✔️ Have a customized step-by step action plan knowing EXACTLY what to focus on, so you don't have to keep on guessing "how" (I don't believe in One size fits all) 

✔️ Leverage your gifts and get crystal clear on your life purpose! (, so that you can start bringing in the profits with fun and ease.

✔️ Master your own sales process or client conversion to become a sales superstar

(so you can turn your audience into paying clients, and fill up your course/program) 


 Booking your offers and programs with ideal clients who love working with you doesn't happen by doing random posts, flying by the seat of your pants with random strategies, or spending countless hours on your website or hiding behind a computer.  

It happens when you STEP OUT as the leader

who is consistently offering the SOLUTION your dream clients are looking for NOW 

and who is inspiring them to take

ACTION on their dreams!

You HAVE a message you're meant to share, specific PEOPLE you're meant to TOUCH and things you're here to DO. It's not about following a "cookie cutter" strategy that worked for someone else or forcing yourself to do what "think" you should do...

That's why I've created this intensive!!!!


It's time to do LESS, but Better!

Application Process

STEP # 1

STEP # 2

If you’ve been accepted into the 30-day Intensive,

you can make your payment below.

If you’ve been accepted into the 30-day Intensive,

you can make your payment below.


payment plans available upon request

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