• Are you tired of feeling like your flying by the seat of your pants, not able to convert your ideal peeps into paying clients? At least not like you thought you would...

  • Ready to create a SOLID strategy to build influence and authority as an expert and fill your program, but not sure how?

  • Ready to attract clients you seriouslyyyyyy love working with, who are ready to invest in themselves through working with you?

This is the #1 strategy that allowed October-December of 2016

to be the 90 days that BLEW up my business!

The same many of my clients have used to bring in 11K in 6 weeks or sell-out their programs. 

I've created this workbook to help you learn from my steps and help you figure out what works for you so that you can attract your dream clients and convert them as well!



✔ The 6 steps I took to build influence and authority as an expert, fill my programs and converted my dream peeps into paying clients.

✔ How I used these steps in my business and why they were so important to my success (and how they'll be important to your success too!)


✔ How you can create your own Killer Sales Funnel That Converts to grow your business in the next 90 days.


✔ How to make these steps work for you, so that you can stop spinning your wheels or fly by the seat of your pants.


✔ Why a killer sales funnel or "client conversion strategy" is the #1 key to attracting and converting your ideal peeps into paying clients!


✔ How to use my accountability tracker to stay focus and consistent, while keeping it simple and fun.

You'll also get an accountability tracker that you can use to hold yourself accountable to taking the right steps and actions each day!


I Feel Incredible. My Business is Booming!

Testimonios Clientes

I was in a very bad place, financially, emotionally, and spiritually when I decided to work with Pachi. This woman has transformed my life!


I made the decision with a last chance mentally. I was ready to give up on my business and wanted to run away from home. I was completely exhausted!

And I can truly say this has been the best money I’ve ever spent!

As a multi-passionate woman, so I tend to lose focus because I’m so interested in so many different things.

Pachi keeps me focused and grounded. She helped me create strategy that suits my personality, business and goals, which allows me to focus on the strategy and task at hand, before moving to the next.


I feel incredible, I feel like I’m achieving things. My business is booming and my family life hasn't been this good in a very long time. She makes me see that it’s not all work, that play must be on the calendar.

I wish I could show people the before and after of my bank and my client list, in just 6 weeks! 😂👌🏻


Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur

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