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Individual Coaching


Are you looking to have a great, powerful, insightful and freeing period of time where you can be as authentic as you are while we embark the journey to figuring out who you are and how you are wired? Many people have dreams, goals and desires, but it takes the right setting to unfold and connect the different aspects of you that make you, you! Have you ever asked yourself WHAT DO I REALLY WANT? During this individual time, we identify your personal values, your dreams, your fears, your goals, your purpose! But since insight without a plan is just information. One of the best parts of coaching has to do with RESULTS. We take time to create an action plan or set of steps that you need get where you want to go. 


I love people and my desire is to partner with so many people I get to cross path with. However, I have learned that to give my clients MY BEST, it would be impossible to effectlively connect with everyone. For this reason, my individual coaching sessions are designed for a selected group of awesome people.


Our 1st consulatation will give us the opportunity to hear from each other and to figure out if we feel we are a fit. If we choose to work together, it will be my greatest honor to join you and cheer you up in this season of your journey. If on the other hand we figure out that we are not a fit at this time, I will provide you with a referral for a coach that may be better suited to partner with you in this season of your journey. 


This powerful and insightful 30 minutes sessions are design with one thing in mind. YOU. My individual coaching sessions will give us the set up to create an atmosphere that will allow very intimate and deep conversations that will facilitate a greater awareness of who you are and what your purpose is. This precious time allows me to become your confidant and your cheerleader. As you become more comfortable with who you are and learn to tap into your dreams, hopes and challenges, we get to create a plan for you to accomplish your what you want. This will require trust, integrity, honesty, vulnerability, no holding back. 


I should tell you. Even though I am a psychologist as well as a life coach, I don't see myself as your therapist, I am a coach and as such the scope of our work will use your life experiences as of today as a launch pad for where you want to go from now onto the future. We will from time to time delve into the past as a reference point, think about it as a treasure hunt, where we will go back and pick up the jewels along your pathway that you missed and bring them into the present to support you on your journey. If at anytime during our coaching relationship an issue comes to the surface that is beyond the scope of coaching I will provide you a list of therapists with whom you can work on that issue while we continue to move through your agenda and desires for your life as you have defined it.


That been said, here is what you can expect! 


As your coach, my desire is to create a confidential, safe and nurturing environment in which you feel supported through your vulnerability and challenged beyond your comfort zone. My clients have described me as caring, direct, supportive, creative, nurturing, enthusiastic, passionate, firm & warm. I move my clients beyond their comfort zone, hold them in the stretching zone and celebrate with them their growth.




First, we will have a 30-minute call to talk about your goals, challenges, desires & pain points.


Second, we will determine the type of coaching program that is best suited for you.


Third, we will create a customized coaching and accountability process for you to achieve what you desire.



What can I expect from you? 


An open mind & an open heart. Be willing to be held accountable and to be responsible for the results of all actions, the ones you take and the ones you choose not to take in your life.




Each client’s personal goals and desires are different and as such their coaching experience will differ. However, you can expect to be more focused & clear about your goals and desires, greater awareness of self, improved communication skills, more satisfying relationships, reduced stress, improved finances, improved job performance, increased profit in your business, improved health, clearer spiritual connection....overall a higher level of vitality & life satisfaction.



You are worth it. Your kids are worth it. Your family is sooo worth it! Don't get lost in the little details and the present frustrations. Look ahead. Dream big and make a plan that will allow you all to enjoy the process. 


I help parents create a better future for their family, by teaching them the strageties that will allow them to gain insight into each of their kids' unique awesomeness. We also work together to make sure you show up as the brightest, happiest, most authentic and powerful version of YOU. Seriously!


THE TRUTH IS... with the right tools, you will can your children tap into their individual destiny. It's easier when you understand their unique internal language, awesome talents, deep fears, and who they are wired to be.

As a result you get... less fights, less drama and more authentic connections.


Sessions with MOM
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This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company.

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