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If You Dare to Align Your Hustle,

you can make the money and impact you truly desire.

Here's why Pachi Rocks!

Pachi is an alignment and business strategist for passionate high-achieving coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to make an impact and money, doing what they love. Pachi's background is in education, counseling, ministry and non-profits. A self-proclaimed killer offer and program creator, she brings more than a decade of experience creating killer programs and courses that currently serve thousands of people. 

She is the go-to expert for coaches and entrepreneurs who are either beginning their business or have been in business for a couple of years and is ready to make her first 5K to 10K month. She is the CEO and founder of LoveWorks, a company founded to help coaches and service-based entrepreneurs build and grow a business platform that's in alignment with their highest calling to create the freedom, impact and income they truly desire.



Wahooooo!!! You made itttt. Today, I get to share my story and top Get Booked tips with you! <3


Let's dive right into the questions to help you dig a little deeper and get grounded, so you can turn all these aha moments and tips into the actionable steps that will lead to you reaching your goals.

1. How does my story resonate with you? What was the #1 takeaway for you?

2. What's your personal WHY behind your business? What's driving you to build a successful business?

3. WHO are the people you're sooooo passionate about helping in this planet, that you would literally offer your services for free?



4. What offer do they need from you right now or in the next 30 days, that would create a cash injection in YOUR business?

5. What's the top mistakes I see many entrepreneurs make when working towards getting booked? Is that a mistake you're currently making? 

6. What are the top 3 things I would focus on, if I was starting from zero and hustling to get booked in the next 3 to 6 months?

7. Write out any other ahas, takeaways and at least ONE action step you'll take within the next 24 hours!

Yay! I am sooo proud of you,  my sister. I am excited to hear about you and your story.

8. Last step, now, come share with us in the Freedom Driven Entrepreneur Sisterhood your TOP takeaway from today's interview. Remember, this is a coffee date! so we wanna hear from you <3





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