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And you've done your work! You've got all the RIGHT pieces in place...

the website, the offer(s), the amazing pictures,

and the powerful content and gadgets...


PLUS, you, my friend... you've got this God-given THING about you that

helps you to naturally get people, to connect, stand out, share that message and lessons

in a way people get! There's no denying that YOU were #bornforthis


But for some time now, you've been trying to follow what the “experts”

are telling you to do to get results. All these rules made by other people are

NOT just stifling your soul but keeping your business from fully taking off....

In this trying to do it "properly", by the book, like everybody else... 

You've been giving your power away! Boxing yourself in and

LOSING your freaking amazing uniqueness (which is what

would normally attract people to you like bees 🐝 to 🍯!) 





You've been feeling called to move forward and go bigger.

✔ You've been hearing the call to more freedom, impact and cash.

✔ You've been ready for a better life for yourself and your loved ones. 

✔ You've been willing to hustle and to do whatever it takes.

For me, the concrete was normally a combination of my fears,

self-doubt, AND lack of clarity on EXACTLY what I needed to focus on

to reach the MANY clients I KNEW I called to serve!

(I was called to hundreds and thousands... not 10-25 a year)

At times every times, I felt so overwhelmed and the cost for running the business

was so high (both time and $$) that I'd go into procrastination mode, self sabotage

and even trying to quit... ONLY to get another sign or new client (or group of clients), reminding you that people DO need what you have to offer!


All of this yo-yo sales and struggle continued until I realized that 

my problem wasn't that I needed more discipline or a better

funnel... but instead that I needed to SHIFT my focus!

I went from serving 25 about clients a year, to...

✔ Stepping into my authority and authenticity

✔Serving over 110 soulmate paying clients

✔ Growing my tribe to over 5,000 people 

✔ Reduced my # of sales call by 80%

✔ Replacing my salary

✔ Making over 6-figures

✔ Quitting my 9-5 job

✔ etc

 And I am NO different than you.

Like you, I knew I was called.

Like you, I had something to give.

Like you, I knew I needed to increase my sales.

So that I could make the impact and money to step into my next level.

I needed to give myself permission to break FREE!

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Things can truly change FAST!!!!!

...when you dare to stop spinning your wheels and

instead you give yourself full-blown, balls-to-the-walls permission

to attract, lead and sell to those who need your help, right now!! 

It's time you bust through any struggle that's keeping you

and your soulmate clients from working together

and doing this transformation thing.

You're CALLED to this.

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