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Is it finally time to make replacing your salary, making 10K plus months (6-figure biz) your new normal? #Itotallyfreakingagree!

We both know that you’re in business for a Reason you’re a freaking great coach,

an experienced professional, a teacher, a service-based powerhouse

ready to help people change their lives (and tapped potential)…

And that's why you're SO DONE with all this 

struggling like CRAY to reach your goals.

You’re DONE with just grinding, hustling and working 10+ hour days

(and skipping brunches, lunches and all the other fun things)...

fiddling around with the fonts on your website, and following the advice

of anyone who pops up in your inbox with a shiny offer and a bright smile

(or some cute emoji-laced subject lines) (that was me! lol)

And (mayyyybe) pulling in between $1k and $5k in your coaching business–

here and there or giving it all for free (non-profit syndrome).

Deep down you know that this whole…

Spinning your wheels and flying by the seat of your pants

Working like a madwoman and letting your business basically

take over your life–and take major time away from your family

(Taco Tuesdays included–no bueno in my book!)

...Schtick ain't gonna work in a million years

Not because you're not meant to be a fantastic, influential coach who's fully booked in her 1:1 high end as well as her group coaching offers...


But because you're hustling...aimlessly.


openly RECEIVE more through your biz.

But what you REALLY WANT

(if we’re being REALLY REAL)?

>>  Raise your prices and celebrate 10k plus months and beyond

>> Ready to have a simple strategy to #takeoff to 6-figures with group coaching and (the right 1:1 clients), instead of always wondering what to sell next and throwing spaghetti at the wall


>> Leverage your TIME and serve more people, working an average of 15-20 hours a week,  (more fam time, here you come!).

>> Serve 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100 ideal clients who also move into high-end offers (the right ppl move up to your 1:1) #divine

>> Confidently know WHAT your msg and stand is, so you can grow your tribe and scale your business and impact to 5-figure months w/fun

>> Replace your salary and finally quit your job to focus on your calling and biz full-time!

>>  TONS of soulmate, aligned clients and customers who know, love and trust you–AND are SERIOUS about doing the work and getting results (Amen, sista!!)

Flying by the seat of your pants (even the sexiest, slim-fit 7 Jeans)

WILL NEVER HELP YOU SCALE to $10k months, 6-figures!

The only thing it WILL do is keep you crazy-

frustrated, confused, (basically) burnt-to-a-crisp.


(And, worst of all, wondering what the heck is wrong with you–

and why your client roster is stick-thin, when so-and-

so’s got a big, fat, juicy waiting list ‘til next July. #UGHWHY)

I get it: You’re tired of guessing if what you’re doing

everyday in your business is gonna work–or tank. 

Am I right, or am I right?

Well listen up, honey: There IS a better way! (Yeah, I said it. Because it’s true.) So suspend your judgement for juuuuust a sec and imagine this:

  • Amazing clients are signing up to your group program (or whatever you're meant to offer) – and you’re getting the RIGHT people saying “HECK YES!” to your 1:1 services on the spot during sales calls (and without weeks of frenzied, caffeine-fueled follow-up) !

  • Your inbox runneth over with ideal-for-you inquiries dying to work with you, like not even yesterday, but last week!

  • You’re creating offers and programs in TOTAL alignment with whatever you currently feel called to offer, right now...and selling them out with a snap of your stiletto-tipped fingernails.

  • You’re SO aligned and people are SO magnetized by you that you easily nail your monthly goals with joy and excitement (and not miss them with frustration and resentment!)

  • Every single month you’re moving closer to your dreams of more clients, $5k-$10k months and/or replacing that 9 to 5 income

  • You’re clear on EXACTLY what to focus on each day to get things done, so you’re not missing everything your loved ones have going on  #nomoreslavingawayallday

  • You’re crazy-confident in your content creation skills–and you can quickly and easily crank out everything from freebies to sales pages that position you as an THE EXPERT and AUTHORITY in your arena (and you actually kinda like doing it!)

  • You’re claiming your worth and #allthemoolah (aka financial compensation) for your services and programs–WITHOUT resisting, sabotaging and blocking the income you desire. (‘Cause let’s be real: You KNOW you do this!)

Sounds pretty groovy, right? ;)

Here’s the dealio, my Love:

If you aren’t already living that reality up

there (yep, of ‘em)

then here’s the truth, sista:

It's NOT you.

What's off is the way you've been

going about growing your biz!

And it’s costing you your freedom, (mad) money

and major impact. And probably tons of time

(and missed Pizza Nights) with your fam, too. 

The good news?


It’s not too late

to make a change.

And I’m here (like, on this page and on this Earth) to help you unleash your purpose and simplify HOW you attract, engage and convert your ideal clients into paying clients (aka your sales process).

Listen, I feel you. You didn’t just wake up one day and think, “Shoot, I think today I’ll become an entrepreneur!”

For you, the #entrepreneurlife is a freaking calling. You can’t help yourself–you know you’re made to serve!

And if I know you at all (and I believe I do): You also started this business for another (uber-importante) personal reason.

  • Maybe it was to have more time for the littles in your life.

  • Maybe it was to make more money, so you could donate more money.


  • Maybe it was just to get the heck out of that soul-crushing 9-5 and do something that doesn’t make you want to stab your eyes out with a pencil. :)   

Whatever the reason…Your current day-to-day looks a wee bit different than the dream.


Love: If you really wanna… Grow your biz... Spend more time with your kiddos...Make mucho dinero, so you can hire a team, a cleaning lady, and the best web developer on the block...

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 2.14.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 2.14.33 PM.png

You need need to finally UNLEASH yourself to RECEIVE, you cravin'​.

(Read: You need to shift your mind to give you permission to RECEIVE (instead of self-sabotage in fear and doubt) and simple,

repeatable sales system that works for YOU!)

(And that’s where I gotcha.)

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 5.08.17 PM.png


Unleashed to Receive (2).png

Break Free. Step Out. Make Money Changing Lives.

#unleashedtoreceive is a 6-months 1:1 that effortlessly lays out everything you need to do to create your own unique sales system that’ll increase your visibility, authority and SALES LIKE WHOA and close the gap between where you are now and the 6-figure business you crave!

#unleashedtoreceive I will not only walk with you step by step, but I'll also give you my scalable blueprint to step out of your comfort zone, make money and change lives NOW, with a combination of group coaching and 1:1, to make sure you have a business that's in alignment with your Divine calling. #goals #purpose #vision ...No more  “just winging it,” “flying by the seat of your pants” or “spinning your wheels.”


(I get it. I’ve heard ‘em all. ;) )

Here’s the deal: I designed this experience to take you step-by-step through my signature process scale up your business to 5k, 10k and beyond. I've intentionally crafted it and loaded it up with everything you need–from coaching with me to live en grupo training to content-rich modules and brilliant bonus trainings–to help you easily (and finally) start making $5k-$10k per month, cross 6-figures (and have fun doing it).

But fair warning: This aint no ordinary sales or business coaching mentorship. And I aint no ordinary teacher!


I might catch some heat for this, but the truth is, not all online programs are created equal. What you’ll shimmy away with after Get Booked is unlike anything you’ll find in most sales and coaching programs, and it’s invaluable!

Instead of vague techniques and diluted like 40 proof mojito, passed-from-coach-to-coach information (yuck), #slaymastermind is ALL about IMPLEMENTATION.

Because what I know is this:

You don’t need more informacion

(even if the word does look pretty fancy in Spanish ;) ).
You need to actually DO THINGS.
And #slay is designed to help you


‘Cause when you do that, you’ll inevitably:
Amp up your visibility.
Build your authority.

And Make. More. Sales.


It’s about time you give a hearty Adios! to self-doubting, wheel-spinning and face-wincing (when you look at your paltry bank balance) and a happy Hola! to more visibility, authority and sales, don’tcha think?

Important: this live 1:1 program is about you actually getting paying CLIENTS and RESULTS, not just giving you a bunch of info without support to execute your step-by-step game plan



  • In short: #unleashed is perfecto for coaches and services-based business owners who are ready to start making consistent $5k, $10k plus–and stop missing all the Taco Tuesdays or Friday Family nights.

  • Fully book your one-on-one, and your group coaching program with dream clients who are over-the-moon excited to invest and work with you like not even yesterday, but last week

  • Make the return on your investment from all those freebies, programs and courses you've paid for, but not really implemented (no judgement here)

  • Feel uber-excited and confident when you create freebies, challenges, webinars, interview series and other powerful content (because it FINALLY attracts the right people and turns browsers into buyers)  

  • Develop your own simple, unique step-by-step strategy to attract, engage and convert more of your dream peeps into paying client (marketing)

  • Work a buttload less and go on rad adventures (or have fun nights in ;) ) with your family loved ones a buttload more :)

  • Watch your bank account grow while you pay down that dirty debt, replace your current income with your biz income (🙌), cruise around the world on family vacations and share your message/ live out your vision

  • Confidently claim your unique calling, take massive consistently aligned action and step out into your destiny in a BIG way (that makes the God super proud  ;) )

  • Say bye-bye to self-sabotage, flying by the seat of your pants and all the improvisation that you have going on that’s leading you straight to Nowhere-ville :)

  • Give back to causes and people you believe in (like you've been wanting to for, um, ever)

  • Unleashed yourself to receive $5k, $10k (days, weekends, months), over and over and over again...forever and ever, amen!



✔️ Signed up 13 clients in 3 weeks

✔️  Designed, launch and sold out their first group programs

✔️  Launch and sold out their freebies, webinars or challenges

✔️  Launched hosted and sold out their first live events

✔️  Hit their first 3K week and 5K- 10K+ months

✔️  Doubled their list and grown their communities

✔️  Landed their first TV interview

✔️  Paid thousands of dollars on debt

✔️  Design the schedule to work 10-20 hour weeks

✔️  Finally got to go on their first vacation overseas!

✔️  Improved their personal relationships, were less stressed out

✔️  Surpassed their month client goals (more time  for their kids)

✔️  Manifested the money to have a dream 20-day trip to Europe

✔️  Became more confident to sell and convert clients

✔️  Replace their salary and resigned from their 9 to 5pm

✔️  Much more...

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 5.08.17 PM.png

Every success story you see in this page started with my clients feeling stuck, overwhelmed, from having invested time, money and resources on free and paid programs that either didn't deliver or they didn't implement on to get results...


Which lead to a lot of self-doubt and unnecessary activities, because they didn't have a solid sales strategy that helped them to take consistent aligned action. 


However, as I helped them to turn all of the above into getting their first paying clients, doubling their lists, getting booked or sold out, creating their desired 5K, 10K (days, months, weekends) etc.


I've intentionally crafted this program with everything you need from coaching with me, the live group coaching training, each module and bonus training to help you finally get booked and create the life and business of your dreams!  

Here's What You Get:

  • 3-hour intensive to cast your vision, design your signature group program and map out your funnel and 90 day launch, this will SIMPLIFY your implementation and game plan! (Value 3,333)

  • 12, 45-minute phone sessions to receive the personalized support you need to make sure you know exactly how you're going to be hitting 10k+ each month – (we talk everything from strategy to mindset here). (Value $10,000)​

  • Unlimited access to Pachi via Voxer between sessions via Voxer where we can touch base daily so you have someone on your team and in your corner who gets it, is cheering you on and who has your back whenever something comes up


  • Access to Pachi's Elevate Mastermind during out time together (trainings, 3 monthly group calls, Facebook group support + community) - A $ value3,000

  • Lifetime access to all my signature programs including: Receiving On Purpose, Unleash Your Sales, Content Queen and The Takeoff with Group Coaching Programs (Price $4,000)


  • Learn my proven step-by-step Takeoff with Your Group Coaching Method, so you can scale your business faster!

  • Each module includes over 60+ minutes of value-packed content delivered on several videos, per module!

  • Lifetime access to the program so you can revisit the content again and again (just like your clients will be buying from you again and again ;) )