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WAHOO! You're all set. 


I'm super excited to share this 1st video with you. 

1st video will go live: Friday, February 4th


In the meantime, c'mon over and join our community of like-minded women

inside the "Boss Lady On Fire" Accountability Facebook group, so you can get the

support and accountability you need to go bigger and finally get the results you desire


I Filled Up My Program Within Weeks

Testimonios Clientes

I was ready to start, but I didn't know where to begin. I was feeling scared, intimidated and like I couldn't gain the clarity on exactly was I supposed to do, despite praying about it. I was excited, yet apprehensive. Standing on the edge, ready to jump!


 Pachi has a beautiful heart and is helping others, like myself, have the courage to move forward and live our dreams. She has a gift in helping others see their potential and gift, then empowering them to change the world. 

I launched and filled up my coaching program in less than 90 days of working with Pachi. My dreams of working with a few ideal clients, while being a full time mom became my reality. 


Military Wife, Mom and Fitness Coach

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