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What if there was an another, better, easier (more sustainable) way to scale your business and make a massive impact–without the stress and struggle of ONLY selling 1:1 or serving 1 person at a time?

Serving 20 people a year, when your current calling is to work with 50 or 100 is not a sustainable way to grow! 

And truth be told you were already given a program idea to bring your vision to reality, is just that you've sitting on it. ;) Your group program is like a plane, it will allow you to take A LOT OF people to their destination, one trip at a time.  

But let me confirm what you already KNOW.... serving 5, 10, 20-25 people was your calling, last year or the year before. ;) You've been called to build a movement!!!

That's why, even though you're already:

  • Sharing (slayin') through your work with 1:1 clients. 

  • Showing up to serve with killer content and leveraging the online world...

  • Maybe even active on your Facebook group, where you’re both creating value and genuine connections.

  • Being invited as guest speaker to events, interviews, retreats, conferences which is increasing the number of people (in your sphere of influence) who need what you have, than what you're currently serving...

You're feeling called to ACCELERATE your impact, through that transformational program! 


That's why only focusing on working with 1:1 clients or other business models and working all day to impact a handful of people isn't working anymore. 

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Well, wanna know the good news?

By changing up just one (maybe not-so-little) thing about your approach, you can change your entire business. Fact.

You need to SIMPLIFY YOUR system AKA... add your (signature) 

group program, course or experience so you can work/help

more of your ideal (soulmate) clients, 

on repeat.

*cue a screeching halt*

It’s true: Booking only high-end 1:1 clients isn’t

the easiest way to SCALE to consistent 5-figure plus months

or reach more people with your work, without 

constantly feeling so burnt-to-a-crisp.

But a group coaching program

(it can be a program, online course, mastermind, retreat, etc)?

They’re the perfect way to do both.

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I know you're REALLY CRAVING

(if we’re being REALLY REAL)?

>> Less sales calls that leave you feeling like you're chasing 1:1 clients (cuz I know you're feeling burnt out from living client-to-client) 


>> Leverage your TIME and serve morepeople, working an average of 15-20 hours a week,

instead of 30+ hours just to serve 5-10 clients in your 1:1 (more fam time, here you come!).

>> Serve 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100 paying bff clients you can eventually move into high-end offers (example: a 3, 30, 60, 90-day group style program and the right ppl move up to your 1:1) #divine

>>  Scale to 10k plus PLUS months

>>  TONS of soulmate, aligned clients and customers who know, love and trust you–AND are SERIOUS about doing the work and getting results (Amen, sista!!)

The answer to reaching the hundreds or thousands of people

you're meant to serve in the next 12 months (or this next season) is

NOT pitching your massive offer (worth thousands) or

teaching everything for free though live trainings.

The only thing it WILL do is keep you crazy-

frustrated, confused, (basically) burnt-to-a-crisp

and on constant chasing mode.

(And, worst of all, wondering what the heck is wrong with you–

and why your client roster is stick-thin, when so-and-

so’s got a big, fat, juicy waiting list ‘til next December. #UGHWHY)

I get it: You’re tired of going back to the drawing table to create offers

every couple of months. That's one of the reasons you're wondering if

there's a way to simplify without having to guess if

your business is gonna work–or tank. 

I'm actually EXCITED that you're thinking that way...

not everyone you're meant to be helping 

is ready for 1:1, anyways... 

PLUS, relying your 5 and 6-figure biz goals on ONLY selling high-end offers

IS unrealistic (cuz all your tribe is NOT ready to go that big)–

that approach only resulting in money (impact) left on the table,

not to mention wasted time and energy.

Am I right, or am I right?

Well listen up, honey: There IS a better way! (Yeah, I said it. Because it’s true.) So suspend your judgement for juuuuust a sec and think about this:

Let’s say 20 people join your lower-mid

cost group program.

They fork over their hard-earned dollars, eager and basically foaming at the mouth to work with you. And of course, you blow them away with your amazing delivery–and they run off into the sunset to tell all their #bizbesties how you were worth every penny.

But you know what happens when this particular program wraps up?
(This is where it gets *really* good.)


These people are so impressed with you and your work, they’re basically ready to buy anything from you–including your high-end, 1:1 packages!

Yep. When you create a group program not only do you NOT have to...

  • Spend whole afternoons on sales calls only to hear No after No after heartbreaking No

  • Burn yourself out “chasing” high-end one-on-one clients with endless follow up emails and “I know you’re busy, but…” Facebook messages

  • Relay the same information to different clients over and over and over...

You also NOW get to...

✔️ Leverage what you already have (including all the content you’ve created and your current audience)

✔️ Sign more clients
✔️Maximize your time and your hard work
✔️ Define and simplify your signature system for helping others
✔️ Position yourself as an expert
✔️ Make more money working less

✔️ Create passive income
✔️ Scale faster
✔️ Actually start making the kind of impact you desire!


Right now, you’re probably thinking, “But how am I supposed to sell a group program if I can't even pull off my one-on-one coaching? Ugh!”


Well, you tell me:

How comfortable would YOU feel paying a

virtual "stranger" a payment larger than

your mortgage every month?

Exactly ;).

It’s not necessarily that people don’t want to work with you or pay you right now. It’s just that you need a better way to give others a taste and build the Know, Like and Trust factor!

And so that's why group programs

are where. It’s. at.


Here’s the dealio, my Love:

See, the problem is that most people are trying to do

this whole “online business” thing backwards–

and make things worse for themselves.

They start with a high-end offer and put it on front of

hundreds of people who barely know who they are.


They end up pitching massive packages to people who hear the price and go, “Omg...I want this, but thank you! Bye!”

They leave A LOT of money,

clients and IMPACT

on the table!

Sound familiar? If so, it’s not your fault.

I know most online business experts are teaching

that high-end offers are the ONLY way

to create massive wealth.

But the TRUTH proves them alllllll wrong:

Statistics are showing that 90% of people (give or take) are failing in their business because they’re wasting time trying to convince people of their worth through humungus high ticket, one-to-one offerings...before they’ve even created know, like and trust with their current audience.

The good news?


If you change up just one (maybe not-so-little) thing about your approach, you can change your entire business. Fact.

I’m here (like, on this page and on this Earth) to help you step into and UNLEASH your divine calling (aka. your sacred duty, dharma, passion). And your business or career gets to be the platform through which you share that with the world.


That's why I'm on a mission to help you 1) unleash your truest self (your spirit and soul) and 2) create and slay the platform through which your are choosing to share the message you are here to share (aka your business).

Because when you give yourself permission to create and put out ALIGNED offers and group programs, you serve more of THE people you're meant to help, AND that's what grows your movement and takes you to the next level! 

Listen, I feel you. You didn’t just wake up one day and think, “Shoot, I think today I’ll become an entrepreneur!”

For you, the #entrepreneurlife is a freaking calling. You can’t help yourself–you know you’re made to impact!

And if I know you at all (and I believe I do): You also started this business for another (uber-importante) personal reason.

  • Maybe it was to have more time for the littles in your life.

  • Maybe it was to make more money, so you could donate more money.

  • Maybe it was just to get the heck out of that soul-crushing 9-5 and do something that doesn’t make you want to stab your eyes out with a pencil. :)   

Whatever the reason…Your current day-to-day looks a wee bit different than the dream.


Love: If you really wanna… Grow your biz... Spend more time with your kiddos...Make mucho dinero, so you can hire a team, a cleaning lady, and the best web developer on the block...

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You need need to finally SCALE up to the 6-figure biz, you cravin'​.

(Read: You need a sales system- a repeatable simple signature system that works for YOU and brings you clients who buy from you on repeat!)

This is your time.  And I can help you ACCELERATE YOUR IMPACT...


(And that’s where I gotcha.)




Unleash Your Calling . Leverage Your Time . Change MORE Lives 

#Unleashed is a 6-months 1:1 strategic experience where I’ll personally help you unleash yourself and your calling to grow your movement using group offering or experience (like a retreat, mastermind or event) from idea to execution, and bring in the kind of money and IMPACT you only thought possible through high-end one-to-one work–aka the transformational 6-figure business you're longing for!


#Unleashed will give you the step-by-step system to create, launch and carry out your group offering with mega confidence, so you can stop your relentless quest for booking one-on-one clients who aren’t yet ready to buy at the high-ticket prices you’ve been lead to believe you should offer.

Which means, you’ll reach and impact more people

and book clients at a price-point they love that also allows

them to scale with you, and invest at higher

levels with you over time.

In short, I’ve designed UNLEASHED for go-getters and high achievers who want to go GRANDE, but don’t want to have to constantly chase clients and convince them why they should pay MUCHO.

Here’s How it Works: 


Throughout our time together, we'll take your idea, passion, process for helping your clients through MY process to completely design, create, launch and carry out your group program, with me there guiding you every step of the way.

This ain’t no copy-cat program coaching program,

full of fluff and borrowed information,

that you’ll eventually toss in the MacBook

trash bin and forget about for-ev-er.


No, no, no, señorita… we’re going to get down and dirty and DO STUFF. You SHOULD KNOW THIS ABOUT ME... I am BIG on IMPLEMENTING. I loveee me some deep talk and breakthrough... But ALL of that is NOTHING- if you ain't getting results. We’re going to IMPLEMENT as we go along.


In Accelerate, you’ll design your entire whole program, map out your signature launch from cart open to cart close, create a bomb marketing and content plan and of course, have me there to ensure your entire program delivery goes off without a hitch.

And this won’t just be an experience you run or create once. You’ll shimmy away with an SOLID & PROVEN SYSTEM FOR HELPING OTHERS & A FULLY-CREATED GROUP OFFERING you can repeat and sell over and over.

By the end of Unleashed, you’ll have created, designed and launched a group program/course/retreat that...

Builds your confidence in your coaching (and biz) skills.

Positions you as an expert. Runs like a well-oiled machine.

And helps you accelerate to the income you desire.

Oh, and best of all: Creates a pool if ready-to-buy ideal clients

for your higher-end offers, too. Ca-ching!

(Oh and in case you were wondering, what I teach in Accelerate works even if you’ve been thinking about a program but you’re afraid, intimidated, clueless or launched a program in the past that flopped.)


At it’s core, #unleashed is about creating offers and structure in your biz that makes it easy for them to take off using your system–aka the thing God has placed on your heart and given you to share with the world. So the ones that need you, actually can work with you.



  • In short: #unleashed is perfecto for coaches and services-based business owners who are ready to SCALE UP their biz to consistent $10k PLUS months– and without constantly chasing 1:1 clients and feeling burn out.

  • Leverage your current audience (instead of chasing more people to get them to sign up to your freebie) + subverting the crap you’ve been told you must to do to get clients.

  • Serve more people in one go, and making the kinda money that allows you to work less–and gives you resources to scale

  • Create your OWN signature system offering both: 1:1 and group program and messaging that’s in total alignment with your people, and giving them exactly what they want, need and can afford right now

  • Build to consistent $10k plus months, so that you can finally replace your nine-to-five income, and have the freedom to spend more time on the things you love.

  • Welcome loads of people saying “Heck Yes” to your offering, because you’ve created an offer you’re on fire about and your ideal client is ready and willing to pay for

  • Make the return on your investment from all those hours of hustle and the investments you've paid for, but not really implemented (no judgement here)

  • Feel uber-excited and confident when you create freebies, challenges, webinars, interview series and other powerful content (because it FINALLY attracts the right people and turns browsers into buyers)  

  • Develop your own simple, unique step-by-step strategy to attract, engage and convert more of your dream peeps into paying client

  • Work a buttload less and go on rad adventures (or have fun nights in ;) ) with your family loved ones a buttload more :)

  • Watch your bank account grow while you pay down that dirty debt, replace your current income with your biz income (🙌), cruise around the world on family vacations and share your message/ live out your vision

  • Confidently claim your unique calling, take massive consistently aligned action and step out into your destiny in a BIG way (that makes the God super proud  ;) )

  • Say bye-bye to self-sabotage, flying by the seat of your pants and all the improvisation that you have going on that’s leading you straight to Nowhere-ville :)

  • Give back to causes and people you believe in (like you've been wanting to for, um, ever)

  • Accelerate to $10k months, over and over and over again...forever and ever, amen! ;)



✔️ Signed up 300, 70, 56, 45, 18 clients in 90-day to 6 months

✔️  Designed, launch and sold out their first group programs

✔️  Launch and sold out their freebies, webinars or challenges

✔️  Launched hosted and sold out their first live events

✔️  Hit their first 3K week and 5K- 10K+ months

✔️  Doubled their list and grown their communities

✔️  Landed their first TV interview

✔️  Paid thousands of dollars on debt

✔️  Design the schedule to work 10-20 hour weeks

✔️  Finally got to go on their first vacation overseas!

✔️  Improved their personal relationships, were less stressed out

✔️  Surpassed their month client goals (more time  for their kids)

✔️  Manifested the money to have a dream 20-day trip to Europe

✔️  Became more confident to sell and convert clients

✔️  Replace their salary and resigned from their 9 to 5pm

✔️  Much more...

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 5.08.17 PM.png

Every success story you see in this page started with my clients feeling stuck, overwhelmed, from having invested time, money and resources on free and paid programs that either didn't deliver or they didn't implement on to get results...


Which lead to a lot of self-doubt and unnecessary activities, because they didn't have a solid sales strategy that helped them to take consistent aligned action. 


However, as I helped them to turn all of the above into getting their first paying clients, doubling their lists, getting booked or sold out, creating their desired 5K-10K months, etc.


I've intentionally crafted this program with everything you need from coaching with me, the live group coaching training, each module and bonus training to help you finally get booked and create the life and business of your dreams!  

FINAL PachiMcLeod36-crop.jpg

Here's What You Get:

  • In-depth 26+ pages welcome package, to help us dive into clarity and your vision, right away


  • 2-hour intensive to cast your vision, design your signature group program and map out your funnel and 90 day launch, this will SIMPLIFY your implementation and game plan! (Value 3,333)

  • 16, 45-minute sessions to receive the stellar, personalized support you need to create and execute step-by-step so you can booked or sold-out strategy–or get coaching on whatever you need to reach results now. (Value $10,000)

  • Unlimited access to Pachi via Voxer Monday-Friday (9am-5pm EST)- We follow a 48 hour policy for Pachi to get back with you... so I can review your material and answer any questions. 

  • Unlimited feedback on your marketing via Google Docs including ad copy, posts, emails, sales pages, etc.

  • Recordings of each call. For your convenience, all calls are recorded.

BONUS (VALUE $5,000 plus)
  • Lifetime access to my 90-day The Takeoff with Group Coaching Programs, my proven step-by-step to create, launch and deliver your group coaching offers, my proven system of how I scaled to 5-figure months, working 15 hours a week or less in my business (Each module is value-packed content + audios for each module (and several videos!) (Price $2,000)

  • Access to my Signature Program: Unleash Your Sales Bootcamp, my proven step-by-step system that will help you increase your confidence, authority and IMPACT to reach your 10K+ months (and beyond)​ Each module is value-packed content + audios for each module (and several videos!) (Price $1,000)

  • Any other  group program (live or online) available during your 6-months of coaching prog.


Create a Wow Image

with Image Consultant


value $250

Let's Get Legal

Bullet Proof Your Business!

(with my attorney!)

value $250

Sexy Sales Pages Create a Sales Page That Converts

(w/ my copywriter!!)

valor $250.00



Unleashed 1_1.png




Dare to CLAIM and turn the desires, vision and purpose you cravin' into reality . 

I'll help you create a solid SCALABLE foundation: WHAT services and programs you're MEANT to offer and WHO is ready for you, and how YOU stand out


  • Get crystal clear on your vision and calling for your biz: design a business model that WORKS (aka your signature framework) with a group program that serves hundreds (or thousands) and leaders the RIGHT ones to your high-end 1:1 mentorship package!

  • Design your program and unlock your signature solution: unpack your genius, your calling, your God-given assignment for this time. Instead of starting by trying to figure out "what's gonna sell" (which doesn't work)... we focus on what YOU are meant to offer, right now!

  • Become your Tribe's hero: get super clear on WHO your ideal bff clients are, the people you're actually in this planet to serve/help, in this season (not 10 years down the road)

  • Navigating your CURRENT life and responsibilities to grow and turn your side-hustle into your main hustle! This will include organizing your weekly schedule when you're still at your 9-5, negotiating a flex schedule with your 9-5, so you can create more free time to grow your business. Creating a calendar that allows you more family time and reducing your business hours to no more than 10-15 a week.

  • Creating your EXIT Strategy (leaping from the ladder or quitting your job strategy)... If you can't see where you're going, you'll NEVER leap. That's why we're seriously hacking your growth, getting laser focused... so you can confidently quantum leaping!


From this position of clarity, you’ll then create your business model, including your offer, pricing, and packaging. (Here, we’ll cover the simple tech that

will allow us to launch your program within the next 90 days!)