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Making it Simple & Fun to Get Booked

Hola! I am Pachi!

I'm a business coach and group experience strategist. I help transformational coaches and entrepreneurs SCALE their business to 5k, 10k plus months, so they can create more freedom, and make more money, changing more lives. 

Programs are my jam! I know it sounds crazy, but I see the world in programs... I’m here (like, on this page and on this Earth) to help grow your biz through designing, launching and DELIVERING your group programs that serve more people and help you scale, so your biz can take off and go to the next level! (aka your signature sales process/system).

I am on a mission, helping ambitious, big picture and forward-thinkers build and grow a service-based business in alignment with your highest calling.

ALRIGHT first, let me tell you a little story about how my darkest moment in my business actually became the MOST important one.

Picture this: when I about 15 months ago, I was sobbing in my car on the way to the Atlanta airport. I should’ve been ecstatic, since I was flying out to a conference, but the truth is, I was exhausted.

Over the past year in business, I’d asked God soooo many times for help and support. In fact, I felt like I was constantly asking Him to show me my next steps, and constantly asking if I was doing the right thing.

‘Cause the truth is that whatever I was doing at that time wasn’t working.

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, I was living client to client.

Like, I’d book a few 1:1 clients, but basically before I could blink my Dior-coated eyelashes, their packages would expire. And I’d have to get out there and frantically search for more.


And even worse? Because I was only working with 3-5 people at a time, the money wasn’t all that great, either.

It was craziness!

But that particular day as I was sobbing in traffic, I heard a message from God in my heart that was clear as day:


“Pachi, imagine if the people that started creating the Atlanta airport would’ve given up on the airport because it wasn’t going the *exact* way they’d planned? What if they just gave up because things weren’t happening as fast as they wanted?”

Mid-ugly-cry, I heard another message, “Oh, and BTW–how can I even send you the clients you say you want, if you have the ‘closed for business’ sign on?”

All of that hit me hard.


It was true: I was “booked out” and didn’t have room for clients with my current business model.


I wasn’t in full alignment, either, because I was trying to “do business” the way everybody else was doing it and selling what everybody else was selling.

Basically, I was trusting others more than I was trusting God.

No wonder I was in a constant frenzy! (And no wonder it felt like he wasn’t really answering my prayers.)


It was in that moment, I knew things had to change. I knew I had to create structures in my business that allowed me to keep my “open for business” sign up.

I was dreading enduring another cycle of desperately searching for new clients, doing a million sales calls and listening to people throw objections at me like, “Oh yeah, I would love to! ...But I don’t have the money.”

I was so done with it.

And then it happened.

As I listened to God– in the middle of my lowest moment in business–I began to see planes take off.

I mean, did you know 108,000+ people shuffle their way through the Atlanta airport every single day?

Did you know that to service all those people, there are constantly planes coming in...and others taking off?

Okay, I’m sure on a surface level you do.

But it took seeing that plane soaring off into the sky to make me realize that there was also a deeper metaphor there.

What I needed to do was turn my business into the Atlanta airport. (Although, obviously not literally. ;) )

Here’s how I thought of it: My clients and their businesses were the planes. Meaning, my clients came to me to get restoration, inspiration, get into alignment and to fill themselves back up so they could go and take off to a level they’ve never been before.  

It was such a crazy a-ha moment.

And speaking of crazy, that same week, my current clients started getting immense results...and new clients started showing up out of nowhere, too.

Since that fateful day–and a mega shift in my business model–my business has skyrocketed.  I started studying how to strategically serve more people...and everything changed.


In 6 months, I went from barely scraping by to fully taking off.

Sometimes I work with 1:1 clients. Sometimes I don’t.


But in between, I also run lucrative group programs and courses that have allowed me to quantum leap my impact and income.  I now have regular $5-10k+ months, and even 5k days and 10k+ weekends.


I work with close to 50 clients–and I work less hours.

It’s been a constant going–and constant growing. My business just continues to evolve–and every few weeks, clients are taking off while new ones are coming in. You know, kinda like the dang airport. ;)

It took a strange little trip to the airport to help me finally “get” this simple secret I now teach all my clients: Whenever it gets tough, it’s not the time for you to quit or cower back or hide, but it’s a time to get strategic and get into alignment.

You have to stay open for business.


So, Love, listen:
If you’re ready for the next level (for real)...
If you’re ready to receive planeloads of new clients…

If you're ready to scale and work less hours while serving more people...

This is your time.  And I can help you ACCELERATE YOUR IMPACT... with a killer program!

I help my clients get results QUICKLY, through developing a clear VISION, FAITH (mindset) to believe you can have the life and business you desire, aligned STRATEGY and consistent ACTION.

I don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach or a one-size fits all. 

Instead, I'll help you get crystal clear on the vision, the powerful strategy and the faith to move from fear into ACTION. 


We'll do this together! 

Because I know that you'll get confident, you'll be Divinely guided and your business will TAKE OFF, as you get in alignment with your highest calling.

Here's the ONE question I want you to keep in mind:

What if creating the life and business of your dreams was simple and fun?  

Well, I not only know it can be.... I believe it SHOULD be!


Gone are the days when making money (online or offline) meant hiding behind your laptop for hours on end, pulling your hair out, trying to get noticed and get clients.

I believe that a profitable business is actually a PLATFORM that's in alignment with your ultimate calling and passion (aka your superpower) AND this platform effectively allows your to reach more of those people you're meant to serve.  

And that's why I am here. I am a business strategist and a self-proclaimed CONTAGIOUS ACTION TAKER for new coaches and service-based entrepreneurs.

My Ideal clients are: high-achievers, forward-thinkers and go-getters new coaches and entrepreneurs who are ready to get paid by creating a bold transformational business that's in alignment with their calling (gifts, experience and expertise) AND their ideal client's needs.

It's not enough to just share your gifts so they can create a life full of fun and freedom, as they grow their transformational business, serving those who need them most (aka their tribe).  

My superpower is to help you leverage your own superpower and passion,

so you can take action, get paid and get results.

After working with me, you'll have a solid niche and foundation to scale your business:  from a solid business model, to signature coaching packages, a bold brand identity, and an effective marketing system to fuel the purpose-driven, so you can leverage your gifts to get paid for doing what you love!

The bottom line is that my clients get results!


They launch their business from scratch, have a solid business model, signature coaching packages (including private and group program or digital course), a bold brand identity, and an effective marketing system to fuel the purpose-driven, so you can have the freedom and abundance you desire!

What's Your Superpower?

You're meant to help people and to be part of something special, to make you unique difference in other people's lives... you just don't know how to make that happen, yet!

The best time in History to reach your tribe all over the world

It's not a secret that coaching is the second largest growing industry in the USA (about 2 billion each year), right after technology and e-learning or online learning is estimated to reach over a 55 billion profit worldwide in 2016, alone.... 

This truly is the BEST time and opportunity in history for you to turn your brilliance into an online coaching business, so that you can create more freedom for you and your loved ones, while you attract and serve clients from all over!

So "How do I turn this passion or idea into an actual transformational business, so you can attract your first paying clients?" 

MANY new coaches and entrepreneurs invest a ton of money to start  their coaching business, without getting clear on who they want to serve or attract and if there's a real demand for what they want to offer.

But YOU don't have to make that same mistake! 


  • Not knowing exactly who your people are or waiting to figure out if there's a demand for what you have to offer can get VERY EXPENSIVE, really quickly! 


  • All the courses, programs and business investments you're doing will go to waste, until you can successfully + effectively serve your tribe. 

The Obstacle Many New Coaches Face

That's Where I Come In!

I'm obsessed with helping people live out their unique calling and mission, reaching those their here to serve.

  • I am here to help you launch the right coaching business for you by helping you find their tribe (uncover who your ideal customers are

  • Uncover what kind of help (programs and high-end packages) they want from you and

  • Set the 20 basic structures and systems to launch your business and attract your first clients.

  • Master the basic "profitable or money making tasks" that you must focus on as a new coach, sooo that...

By the end of our time together, you'll confidently do what you love, make the massive impact you desire and of course, so that you can gain the traction you need to reach your first 5K months!

Yes,You can have the Freedom and Impact you Desire!

You've got what it takes to share that music you have inside, to use the good and the bad things you've overcome, to be a safe place where other people, who need you... that gift only you have, to be able to create the life they would give anything for! 


  • It's the unique contribution only YOU can make in this planet.

  • It's the driving force that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

  • It's your key to creating the life and business that light you up!


Create a solid transformational business, that allows you to create that freedom and impact you're after!

Dare To Step Out & Manifest Your Dreams!


A Girl With Big Dreams & A Big God



You need to get clear on your what (message, desires, vision and goals or what you want to do. In other words, identify your unique awesomess) 



What is your purpose? Identify the reason behind your what. Your why becomes your fuel, the reason why why must accomplish your goals. The reason why you cannot die without ______________... and build your coaching biz around it!




Discover the group of people you are meant to serve and get to know them, better than they know themselves. To be effective you must remeber the famous quote: "If you are talking to everybody, you are talking to no body."


Your how is your game plan, your business model, your strategy, your structure or the system you follow to get your group of people from point A to point B. This can change with time, specially as you grow, develop new skills  and reach new levels.

Create A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!


Me around 8 with my beautiful Fam!

My Man & I At Our Wedding

My man and I at our wedding!

Group Mastermind Chicago3

With an group of amazing entrepreneurs, in Chicago!

Gina and I_edited

With My Mentor, Gina DeVee


In LA with My Mentor Gina DeVee And my Amazing Sisters from The Divine Living Academy!


My two men!


With My Students from 3rd Grade, in 2004!

Facebook - Untitled_edited

My Baby and I!

FINAL PachiMcLeod-6_edited_edited

My heart!


Translating for a Short Term Mission's Group in Dominican Republic, last year!

Embrace Your Beautiful, Messy & Extraordinary Journey!

Pachi's Official Bio

Pachi McLeod is a transformational coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders who want to create a life and coaching business that are beyond their wildest dreams!

She’s a proud wife and momma of a 3 year old, Julian. She has invested most of her career to education, counseling and non-profits. Pachi is the founder of Coach Lady on Fire  and Emprendedores Academy, an online academy for Spanish speaking entrepreneurs. 

Pachi has a bachelors in Psychology, studies in Theology, Leadership and Business. She has invested thousands of hours in counseling and mentoring women and men. She has served thousands of people through her work with international organizations in the spiritual, personal and development field. 

Pachi is passionate about helping people embrace who they truly are, get in total alignment with their zone of genius and develop relationships that truly fill their soul!

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, she is working, running around with her toddler, spending time with friends and family and traveling with her family as much as she can.  

Check out her tips, inspiration on life, relationships and business at (You’ll be glad you did.)

Sould-Out My Program Less Than 90 Days

I was ready to start, but I didn't know where to begin. I was feeling scared, intimidated and like I couldn't gain the clarity on exactly was I supposed to do, despite praying about it. I was excited, yet apprehensive. Standing on the edge, ready to jump!


 Pachi has a beautiful heart and is helping others, like myself, have the courage to move forward and live our dreams. She has a gift in helping others see their potential and gift, then empowering them to change the world. 

I was able to sould-out my coaching program in less than 90 days. My dreams of working with a few ideal clients, while being a full time mom became my reality. 


Military Wife, Mom and Fitness Coach

Testimonios Clientes


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